Spread Cheer to Your Neighbors Near

How can we be neighborly in December with the cold and pandemic?


Most of your neighbors share Christmas in common with you.  I wonder how you might convey care and do it safely during the month of December?


Here are some ideas:

  • Fill a glass jar with ingredients for comfy soup. Click for a link to one recipe.
  • Fill a glass jar with a brownie mix. Here’s a link for this recipe. This one is great to package together as a family.
  • As you deliver your jar, take along a Christmas card and wish them a Merry Christmas. And if you wonder if your neighbor is Jewish, just deliver the glass jar letting them know you care for them.

For those who live in Westminster or University Place, you can still be neighborly.

  • Bake a favorite Christmas cookie(s) for your neighbors and set them outside their door.
  • Ask your neighbors to write down a favorite Christmas memory and call you and their neighbors and family and share it. Of course, they should ask the neighbor or family member to share theirs.  
  • Take along a Christmas card and set it with the cookies or slide it under the door.     

What are you planning to do to reach out to your neighbors this December?

Let me know by commenting below - and let's continue to stay faithful to God’s call to love our neighbors—in tangible ways!

Tom Johnson

Pastor for Congregational Care and Community Outreach