A large part of our calling is to Go to the World. We encourage our people to live out this calling by building relationships with people in their daily life, doing good deeds and perhaps even going cross-culturally to another country.


We also live out that calling financially. Covenant Church commits 20% of our annual budget to support missions efforts both here in the greater Lafayette area as well as around the world.


Strategically, we want to put our efforts into the following Focus Areas where we believe God is calling us to participate in His work.

Local Focus Areas


Purdue University has a large footprint in the Greater Lafayette area. Our goal is to support various organizations’ efforts to introduce people across the campus to Jesus – including students, athletes, fraternity members, sorority members, professors and staff.


Leader: Cliff Johnston


While Purdue can dominate Greater Lafayette’s landscape, the area also has many other needs and ministries that work to meet those needs. Covenant supports the efforts of those ministering to high school students, recovering addicts, women facing unplanned pregnancies, jail inmates, and many others.


Leader: Aaron Kelley

International Focus Areas


Covenant has a long-standing relationship with an orphanage in Jamaica, as well as several churches and missions in Mexico. As a result, we have seen orphaned young people grow and develop in their walk with Jesus. As they age out of the orphanage, we encourage each young person to connect with a local church so they can be enveloped within the love of a church family.


Leader: Daniel Pierce


Economically, socially and spiritually, Romanians are still struggling to overcome the impact of the oppressive Communist rule, which collapsed in 1989.  Covenant works with missionary teams which work with women, widows and orphans. We also support development and training of local pastors with our Seminary in a Suitcase program.




Leader: Steve Roosz



People in this area are some of the least-reached in terms of overall missionary efforts. This area is also one of the most dangerous and sensitive places for Christians to work.








Leader: Todd Dinius


We are thrilled to support many missionaries called from Covenant to various parts of the world. The missionaries in this focus area call Covenant home, and have deep roots with our church family. Each one is an example of being obedient to God’s call and stepping out in faith. It’s an honor to see how God is at work in and through the people of Covenant around the world.


Leader: Tom Covington



Pray for Missions

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2. Pick up a Prayer Guide at the Reception Desk.

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If you have questions for the missions team at Covenant, please contact the office.