Love Your Neighbor

Whether we find it in the many “one-another” passages, discover it in Jesus’ words about our neighbors, or encounter it in his Good Samaritan parable, one thing is clear: we are called to live a life of love.


What does love look like? It looks like making a connection - a connection with our literal

neighbors, one in which we are building and deepening relationships. People, because of the pandemic, are more open to their neighbors. We all are noticing neighbors like never before.


Let’s love them by creating community right where we live. We’ve set Saturday, October 3, as Love Your Neighbor Day to encourage you to take the next step in connecting with your literal neighbors.


Not sure where to start? Or what your next step should be? Here are some ideas:

Create a Neighborhood Directory


  1. 1. If appropriate for your neighborhood, reach out to neighbors by phone or email, if you have them. Or take a card to the door in a baggie. Just ring the door bell, step back, and give a two sentence explanation.  “Hi, I’m Tom.  I live at_____.  I’m trying to make it easy for us to connect with each other by creating a simple neighborhood directory.”  Ask if they are interested and if you can pick up their information in a day or two.  
  2. 2. Build a Neighborhood Directory

The first step is creating a simple card with name(s), address, email, and phone. Once you have the cards, you simply put the information into a spreadsheet. From there you send an email or deliver a copy.  

Initiate Conversations


  • When you see people outdoors, make it a point to speak to them - just a short conversation.
  • Gather your neighbors together for a socially distanced lawn conversation and ask how they are doing during this pandemic. Ask questions like:
    • How are you and your family doing with all the changes the pandemic has brought?    
    • How has this impacted your work or company?
    • What’s been the hardest part of the changes for you?  
    • Have you seen any silver linings as a result of the adjustments this crisis has forced us all to make?
    • Is there anything you need that I or anyone here could help with?
    • Don’t hesitate to ask for help yourself. Share honestly about how you are feeling and doing. Set a time and place for another gathering.
  • Invite people to virtual meet-ups on Zoom.
  • Read a good book together and discuss it under a tree or in your yard. Zoom is a good back-up if the weather requires.  
  • Do socially distanced walks and set chairs up in your driveway or under a tree and talk afterwards. Always have an extra chair or two for those walking by.  
  • Invite neighbors to a webinar on parenting, marriage, or any interesting topic. It could be a TED Talk, or a talk on RightNow Media. (Don't have an account? Set one up here.)
  • Have a virtual trivia night or watch a movie together via a streaming service (like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.) and discuss it. 


Care for Older Neighbors

Call them, email them or stand a safe distance at their door:

  • Ask what their needs are
  • Offer to help them with technology
  • Offer to run an errand (be abundantly cautious with any items you purchase. Wash your hands before delivery.)
  • Set a reminder on your phone to check-in again at a set time


So remember, connecting with our neighbors helps create a loving community right where we live.


I’d love hear what you are doing to connect with your neighbors. Comment below, or email me directly.

Tom Johnson

Pastor for Community Outreach