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Adam Myers

Orchestra Director

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Ministry Coordinator

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Director of Ministries

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Communications Specialist &

Children's Ministry

Administrative Assistant

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Pastor for Community Life

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Ministry Coordinator for Community Life

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Student Ministries Co-Director

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Worship Arts Ministry

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Senior Pastor

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Breeze Database Administrator


Donna Vandergraff

Clerk of Session

Doug Ketterer


Through January 2023

Ministry Assistant for

Senior Pastor

Franki Kung


Through January 2025

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Gloria Bol

Facilities Worker

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Student Ministries Co-Director

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Ministry Assistant for

Senior Pastor

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Building and Grounds


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Joe Orczyk

Facilities Trustee

Through Jan 2024

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John Holladay

Facilities Worker

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Missions Coordinator

Kurt Williams


Through January 2024

Michelle Cain


Through January 2025

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Communication Director

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Ministry Assistant for

Special Projects

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Covenant Cove Director

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Ministry Coordinator

Philip Fiorini


Through January 2024

Reece Dewell

Financial Trustee

Through Jan 2025

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Children's Ministry Director

Operations Manager

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Pastor for Discipleship and Congregational Care

Sarah Bollock


Through January 2025

Seth Lee

Facilities Worker

Susan Hyde


Through January 2024

Terry Echard

Personnel Trustee

Through January 2023

Tom Jameson


Through January 2023

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Worship Arts Pastor