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Adam Myers

Orchestra Director

  • Andrew P 2024.jpg
  • Andrew P fun.jpg

Director of Ministries

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  • Brently J fun 2024.jpg

Pastor for Community Life

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BZ Farrell

Covenant Cove Director

  • Christie K 2024.jpg
  • Christie K fun 2024.jpg

Ministry Coordinator for Community Life

  • Courtney S 2024.jpg
  • Courtney S fun 2024.jpg

Courtney Steward

Worship Arts Ministry Assistant

  • Daaron F 2024.jpg
  • Daaron F fun 2024.jpg

Student Ministries Co-Director

  • Daniel P 2024.jpg
  • Daniel P fun 2024.jpg

Worship Arts Ministry

  • David H 2024.jpg
  • David H fun 2024.jpg

Senior Pastor

  • Diane S 2024.jpg
  • Diane S fun 2024.jpg

Database Administrator

  • Donald M 2024.jpg
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Doug Ketterer


Through January 2027

  • Elizabeth H 2024.jpg
  • Elizabeth H fun 2024.jpg

Ministry Assistant for

Senior Pastor

  • Esther L 2024.jpg
  • Esther L fun 2024.jpg

Communications Specialist &

Children's Ministry

Administrative Assistant

Franki Kung


Through January 2025

  • Gloria B 2024.jpg
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Gloria Bol

Facilities Worker

  • Jenn S 2024.jpg
  • Jenn S fun 2024.jpg

Student Ministries Co-Director

  • Jerry M 2024.jpg
  • Jerry M fun 2024.jpg

Building and Grounds


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Joe Orczyk

Facilities Trustee

Through Jan 2024

  • John H 2024.jpg

John Holladay

Facilities Worker

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Missions Coordinator

Krista Lackie


Through January 2026

Kurt Williams


Through January 2024

Louanne Condreay

Personnel Trustee

Through January 2026

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Marion Vruggink


Through January 2026

Michelle Cain


Through January 2025

  • Michelle L 2024.jpg
  • Michelle L fun 2024.jpg

Communication Director

  • Nancy S 2024.jpg
  • Nancy S fun 2024.jpg

Ministry Assistant for

Special Projects

  • Peg B 2024.jpg
  • Peg B fun 2024.jpg

Ministry Coordinator

Philip Fiorini


Through January 2024

  • Reece D 2024.jpg
  • Melody D fun 2024.jpg

Reece Dewell

Financial Trustee

Through Jan 2025

  • René M 2024.jpg
  • René M fun 2024.jpg

Children's Ministry Director

  • Rob D 2024.jpg
  • Rob D fun 2024.jpg

Operations Manager

  • Rob E 2024.jpg
  • Rob E fun 2024.jpg

Pastor for Discipleship and Congregational Care

  • Sarah B 2024.jpg
  • Sarah B fun 2024.jpg

Sarah Bollock


Through January 2025

Sarah Wilcox


Through January 2027

  • Seth L 2024.jpg
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Seth Lee

Facilities Worker

Susan Hyde


Through January 2024

Tom Jameson


Through January 2027

  • Travis O 2024.jpg
  • Travis O fun 2024.jpg

Worship Arts Pastor