Let's be Neighborly!

Has anyone noticed?  The drab of winter in settling upon us.

So, how can you be neighborly went you and your neighbors feel like doing nothing more than enduring? 

Let’s approach this from another angle. What would interest you? That’s right. Start with you. 

Write down several things you’d like to do, that you find interesting to do with others. 

Now comes the creative part.  How can you do that with others in this context? 

Here’s my list:

  • Play cards on-line (Cardzmania.com is a good site with lots of options) .
  • Watch a movie together and talk about it later on Zoom – or host a watch party, if you know how.
  • Have a “I have my Covid Shots” party with neighbors. (This is especially effective at places like Westminster, University Place, Cumberland Pointe, and Friendship House where they are getting the vaccine together.)
  • Watch football together on Zoom or another app – NCAA Championship game is January 11, and NFL playoffs start this weekend.
  • Drop a recipe off to several neighbors and ask them to make it with you - send them a Zoom link and have fun doing it together.
  • List several books on a card, drop it off at your neighbors. Ask them to choose 1-3 and send you an email. Set up a discussion time on Zoom or some other platform.
  • What’s your idea? 

Ask yourself, “Am I getting a bit lonely and bored?” I bet your neighbors are too.

Now, shouldn’t the people of God who have been called to create healthy private and public community do just that for those “suffering” alongside them? 

Let’s be the catalyst for helping people through this pandemic and winter. Let’s make life-giving connections the first step in letting the light of Jesus shine.

Be part of the solution.  Shake yourself out of the drab.  Have some fun!

Tom Johnson