There You Are

Our summer sermon series takes us into the psalms and explores their rich and vivid imagery related to God’s presence.


As we walk through the press and fullness of life each day, we easily lose sight of where God is. A few years ago in my devotional time I wrote a simple poem that captures the tension between the truth of God’s presence and our experience of it.


You are there.

Are you there?

There you are.


The Bible affirms God is with us. We don’t always we feel His presence – at least in the moment. Sometimes we feel forgotten by God, or feel God is hidden from us. Then light breaks into the darkness, and, to our relief, we gain a glimpse of Him again.


Meister Eckhart, known for his writing on intimacy with God, says the person who has found new life in Christ “ought to become one who seeks for God and finds God in all things, always, everywhere, with everyone, in every way.”


The Psalms tells us where to look for Him. He is before us, beside us, beneath us, over us, and more. The more we know where to look for God, the more we will “find” Him – encounter Him, experience Him, enjoy Him – within each circumstance and throughout each day.


Where we look for God shapes how we seek Him. Our prayer life follows our pursuit of Him. New ways of seeing God leads to new ways of seeking God, new ways to be with God and enjoy God, new ways to trust in and rest in God. In this series we’ll explore how to seek God, how to find Him, and how to respond to Him when we do.


In his Diary of an Old Soul, George MacDonald remembers that we don’t really need to ask God to be near us. He always is. We need eyes to see Him.


Be by me, Lord, this day. Thou knows’t I mean –

Lord, make me mind Thee.


May God use this series to make us more mindful of His presence, giving us eyes to see, as tradition tells us Saint Patrick prayed:



Christ with me,
Christ before me,
Christ behind me,
Christ in me,
Christ beneath me,
Christ above me,
Christ on my right,
Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down,
Christ when I sit down,
Christ when I arise.


June 18

The One who loves usPsalm 67:1, 27:8, 34:5

June 25

Our Almighty God & MakerPsalm 63:1-8

July 2

Our Enthroned KingPsalm 99:1-3

July 9

Our Good ShepherdPsalm 121:1-8

July 16

Our Strong Fortress/ Sacrificial ProtectorPsalm 5:1-12, 18:1-3

July 23

Our Safe HomePsalm 27:1-14

July 30

Our Wise GuidePsalm 32:8-9

August 6

Our Faithful FriendPsalm 16:8-9, 11

August 13

Our Loving Fathervarious passages from Psalms