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Brently Jordan and Michelle Leichty discuss his sermon from Sunday, January 3, Stay Connected with God's People.


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Draw Near to God

by Brently Jordan

Draw near to God, that’s His word from above

But the sin in my life paints an alternative love.


Draw near to God, it is why I was made.

But it’s hard to fly solo; I need some kind of aid.

I can’t do it alone.

Cause pride makes me prone

To protect when I sin

And project when I win

To control my own story

To live for my glory.


Draw near to God, it’s not a mission for me.

It’s a journey with others… Others are key.


We share openly / Speak honestly

Give time / Risk exposure

Love intentionally / Listen lovingly

Stop hiding / Start caring


This is living how God is bidding.

It cost the me much

But is gains the us more.


Draw near to God, that’s His word from above.

And do it with others, that’s how we know love.