Overcoming Sexual Addiction

Eric’s testimony last Sunday is evidence that God’s love can bring profound and lasting change to a life, marriage and family. And while God’s love is always present, its impact is not

automatic. It is possible for us to ignore it and even easier for us to put up barriers that block it. Of all the barriers that we can create, it is often a barrier of shame and fear that keeps us from knowing God’s love.


To hear more about Eric and Laura’s journey of overcoming addiction and experiencing God’s love, set aside ten minutes to watch their complete story.


Other Resources: Conquer Series and Women’s Support Group

Pornography is a shame-filled, fear-inducing addiction that erodes a person’s life, family and spiritual growth by blocking a person’s ability to receive God’s love. For this reason Covenant will again offer the Conquer Series on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm beginning tonight, February 5. If you are a man who struggles with porn use, you know a man who does, or are a father who would like to become better equipped to talk to your sons, then joining this men’s group is the start toward freedom and hope. It’s not too late. Register by going to http://bit.ly/ConquerSeries2020. If you need more information, contact the church office.


Alongside the Conquer Series, we are offering an on-going support group for women who love someone caught in sexual addiction. Covenant's Women's Support Group meets twice a month and provides a safe place to heal from the wounds. Our prayer is that this group will help women find a place of wholeness and hope in Christ. Contact Radonna Fiorini (765-463-7303) to learn more.


Men, if a woman in your life wants to attend this confidential group, please encourage her and don’t stand in the way of her seeking healing.


As the Lord brings them to mind, please keep Eric, Laura and these two ministries in prayer. May God’s love break through the shame and guilt that keeps many from seeking the help they need.


Rob Eyman