Loving Your Neighbor


Some fascinating statistics about believers and the unchurched:

  • 42% of unchurched people believe the church is good for society and only 6% see it as harmful. The rest are basically neutral having never explored church. 
  • 47% of unchurched people admire or share their Christian friends’ faith. Only 1.5% give Christian friends a hard time about their faith.
  • 34% of unchurched people strongly agree with this statement: “If a friend of mine really values their faith, I don’t mind them talking about it.” Another 45% somewhat agreed with the statement. The other 18% were not sure and only 3% strongly disagreed.

What does this mean? To me it means our neighbors are far, far more open to our building a relationship with them than we might have imagined. Oh, and taking our faith along with us - if we build a relationship of trust - will be positively received by most! Can you say “Game changer”? What is keeping you from engaging with your neighbors? 

Information gleaned from: You Found Me, Rick Richardson, pages 54-59.


How can we be a neighbor in March and beyond?

  • Those who have had both Covid shots and are living in places like Westminster and University Place, may soon find restrictions lessening, so:
    • What about having a small March Madness watch party?
    • Invite neighbors and friends to join you as you view Covenant’s worship service. Remember, if you have a relationship with them and they trust you, they may say “yes.”
    • Invite a neighbor to take a walk with you as the weather warms.
    • Visit a neighbor who is recently widowed and just be with them, listening and loving.
    • Start a book club. Choose the book together.
    • Be creative. You know your neighborhood better than I do.
  • The same is true of all others who have had both shots, just be wise.
    • March Madness
    • Walks in the neighborhood or a nearby park
    • Talks at the mailbox
    • Lunch together
    • Tea and crumpets
    • Bake something and deliver it to your neighbor
    • Have a movie night
    • Share yard work
    • Start a book club for April
    • Plan a field trip

And for the rest of us?

  • Look at the lists above.  Much of the lists can be done at a safe distance, so be creative. Come up with something better, more tailored to your neighbors and neighborhood, and your comfort level.   
  • Choose to do something. Take one step, just one, and stick with it. Build on it. Move as God moves. Have fun with this. 


Tom Johnson