Look to the Rock Sermon Series


Isaiah 51.1 says:

Look to the rock from which you were cut

and to the quarry from which you were hewn.


This passage reminds us that, like rocks cut from a

quarry, we as individual have come from, and fit into, something larger. And where we come from and what we’re part of shapes who we are.


Every rock cut from the same quarry has a certain look, a certain feel, that they share with all the others. As a result of their coming from the same mountain, they will share certain qualities in common with other rocks cut from the same quarry. Though every stone is unique, they all share the same grain and texture, the same mineral mix, the same veins of color.


In this series we will step back from us as individual “rocks” and consider the quarry from which we were cut, looking closely at those qualities that we will have in common simple by virtue of being part of the body of Christ worldwide . . . and part of Covenant.


We at Covenant are shaped by common beliefs, a common calling, common values, and a common posture. These will be our focus in this series.


The past year and a half have been tumultuous and disorienting for churches, Covenant included. Some have left us during this time, and others have come to us. This is a chance for those who have remained to remember, and those who are new to discover, what are the grains and textures and colors in the rock that make Covenant – and each of us as “chips off the old block” – unique.

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September 12: Bedrock Beliefs

Covers the essentials of our faith as well as the motto of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church: in essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty (theological modesty); in all things, charity (love)

September 19: Core Calling

Covers our logo, our identity and purpose, and our calling

September 26: Vital Values

Covers Covenant's values, which make us distinctive as a community of faith: In our relationship with God: expectant and yielded; in our approach to Scripture and the Christian life, thoughtful; in our relationships with one another: intentional and gracious

October 3: Primary Posture

Covers the heart posture we are called to adopt in our relationships with one another and the world.