Investigate the Mystery: Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth

Many tales shape our culture’s imagination during the holidays: King Wenceslaus, the yule log, Father Christmas visiting children, Frosty the snowman coming to life, Rudolph and flying reindeer, elves and Santa at the North Pole.


Amid those tales is one that claims to be true: the story of a miraculous child born amid animals in a stable in a small town outside Jerusalem in Israel.


This Advent we’ll use Rudyard Kipling’s “faithful friends” – who, what, when, where, why – to investigate the claims and events of the first Christmas, and what they mean for us.


November 27: What? Luke 2:1-20


December 4: When? Luke 2:1-20


December 11: Who? Luke 2:1-20


December 18: Where? Luke 2:1-20


December 24: Why? Luke 2:1-20


December 25: Christmas Day Birthday Celebration


January 1: New Year’s Day