Grief to Joy!


"Now is the time of your grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy!"

-John 16:2


Bleak days of parting turn into joyful days of reuniting for the followers of Jesus. These passages from John’s gospel walk us through the sorrowful and hopeful events in the final week of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Jesus gathered his disciples and said goodbye. He was taken from them and nailed to a cross on which He died.


Then Jesus conquered death and stepped out of the grave, the Lord of Life! In a world of sorrow we remember our hope and lean into our joy.


There is nothing more powerful or life-changing than God’s word. As we walk through Holy Week we’ll hear every word from the Gospel of John, chapters 12 through 20. We’ll let the power of these life-giving words wash over us and move us to a deeper experience of God’s amazing love.


Find service details on our Events page; click on a service title below for sermon notes or transcript. Not available for Maundy Thursday or Good Friday.


April 10: Palm Sunday, John 12

A festive celebration of Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem as King (John 12), with Covenant children leading us into worship.


April 14: Maundy Thursday, John 13 - 17

A reading of Jesus’ last words and final prayer for his followers, followed by communion and discussion around tables.


April 15: Good Friday, John 18 - 19

Our traditional Good Friday service, including quiet time for reflection and the opportunity to nail our sins to the cross.


April 17: Resurrection Sunday, John 20:1-18

A joyful celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, as God turns our grief to joy.


April 24: The Certainty of Doubt, John 20:19-31

Remembering Jesus’ life-changing encounter with Thomas a week after the resurrection.


May 15:  The God of Second Chances, John 21:1-25