Create a Strong Connection to the Covenant Church Family

Over the years we have identified six actions that we believe form a strong connection with the Covenant Church family. We share and discuss these six actions with Thrive! participants. These are invitations to enter a thriving life with Christ at Covenant - and not requirements everyone has to do.


Look through this list and consider adding any connection points that you’ve not yet incorporated. We believe a strong connection with our church family will set you up to thrive in life in with Christ.


1. Participate with the Covenant family in worship service each Sunday -  While this a pretty introductory step, there are plenty of things in our daily and weekly schedules that can cause significant compromise in this area. Keep weekly worship with our church family a priority.


2. Read the weekly enews - Carefully reading the enews is a crucial way for you to stay up-to- date on what is going on with our church family. If you've not signed up for the enews yet, click here, scroll down to the "ENEWS SIGNUP" section, and fill it out.


3. Pray through the weekly Praise & Prayer Update - This is a sobering and encouraging list of prayer concerns, praises, and updates which can arrive in your inbox every Tuesday. As you hold these praises and prayers up to the Lord each week, you will grow in your abiding relationship with Jesus as well as your affection for your brothers and sisters in Christ at Covenant. God miraculously and mysteriously works through the prayers of His people. If you've not signed up for the Praise & Prayer Update yet, click here and fill out the simple form.


4. Give financially - God owns it; we manage it. From the first pages of the Bible to the last, God asks us to pass along to the needy the stuff He gives us. Our job is to step out in faith and to give in a way that reflects our Lord's desire. It is both obedience and blessing to give to the Lord's work through the local church. I would suggest in addition that we have a strengthened connection to the places we give. Click here to read more about a Biblical view of giving. Click here to give. If you’d like to get on our mailing list to receive giving envelopes, email us at and request giving envelopes.


5. Volunteer to Serve - You are gifted. You are loved. If you are part of our church family, we need you and the contribution that God has uniquely equipped you to share. Paul reminds us in Ephesians 4:12 that the Church is called to "prepare God's people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up."


It is a joy to serve as volunteers, sharing our gifts to build up the body of Christ. If you're not serving yet, click here to fill out the form and we'll follow up with you soon to help you find a place to serve. 


6. Develop Christ-centered relationships - We believe spiritual growth happens best in the context of Christ-centered relationships. In a Christ-centered relationship, you see, know, accept, care for and enjoy one another with the glory of God in view. Our desire is to always be cultivating these relationships in our small groups. Whether you join one of our existing small groups, launch a new one, or informally invest in Christ-centered relationships, I encourage you to be intentional about cultivating this practice.


Praying you’ll enjoy thriving in life in Christ at Covenant!


Brently Jordan

pastor for community life