Covenant to Host Presbytery in September


Okay, I admit it. It is a word few people ever use in dinner table conversations. Even so, it is an important word for us to know…and it will be here in a few weeks! “It” is our presbytery (pronounced prezbəˌterē or presbəˌterē). If this is a new vocab word for you, then please read on!


Covenant is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). Being a Presbyterian church means that Covenant is never alone. We are connected by a formal relationship with more than 600 other Christ-centered, biblically-anchored, mission-minded EPC congregations around the country. These congregations make up our denomination.


Since it is impossible to have meaningful relationships with 635 other churches, the EPC organizes its congregations into 14 geographic regions. Each region is called a presbytery. Covenant is part of the Presbytery of the Midwest which means we seek a meaningful ministry and mission partnership with 56 other EPC churches in Michigan, Indiana and western Ohio.


Three times each year, elders and pastors from each congregation in our presbytery gather at a host church for a two-day meeting. Our purpose is to worship and pray together, strengthen relationships, be equipped for ministry and serve our mission and churches through the discussions we have and the decisions we make. It might also help you to know that presbytery is the authority to whom our session (Covenant’s board of elders) is accountable. As they support us, we share what we are doing with them. It is a beautiful relationship of mutual faith and trust.


Covenant will host the Midwest Presbytery on September 17 and 18. Please ask the Lord to bless Covenant with his Spirit of gracious hospitality and our presbytery with His wisdom and unity. If you are interested in helping in some way, please let Jennie Jones know or call the office 765-463-7303.



Rob Eyman

Associate Pastor