Colony of Heaven Conversations

Image from David's sermon, Bold Beliefs and Gentle Witness, April 11, 2021.

You can find the discussion of that sermon here.


As citizens of heaven living in this post-Christian world, sometimes our faith seems alien and out of place. We try to engage the world, but the world isn’t interested.


Followers of Christ face challenges every time we engage with the un-believing, anything-believing, world around us. Hanging out with friends in the food court, talking with a teacher in biology class, interacting with our parents or our kids, talking on break with a co-worker: how often we experience a culture collision when spiritual things begin to come into the conversation.


The world is searching, but the one place they’re not interested in exploring is in what Christianity has to offer. That can leave us feeling baffled about how to move forward. Are they missing something, or are we?


In this fall’s Colony of Heaven conversations, we’ll be discussing what makes it so hard to hold a faith perspective in our secular world, why the pull of unbelief is so compelling, and how love and truth fit together in a world that has such different ideas of both.


Each evening, I'll set the stage then open up time for discussion and interaction. Join me at 7:00pm each of the following Wednesdays in the Sanctuary.


Wednesday, November 3

Why Faith and Belief are So Difficult in our Secular World

(Or: How in the World Did We End Up Here?)


Wednesday, November 10

Why Doubt and Deconstruction are So Attractive in our Secular World

(Or: Give Me One Good Reason to Keep Believing This Stuff)


Wednesday, November 17

What Truth is. What Love Is, and How to Practice Both in our Secular World

(Or: Why Grace and Truth Aren’t Opposites After All)





David Henderson

Senior Pastor