Changing Our Focus

So, how’s the Bible Reading Journey going for you? If the busyness of family activities and holiday celebrations caused you to fall behind a bit (like it did me), take a moment to catch your breath, remind yourself of God’s grace, and then choose to either increase your reading pace or just skip what you missed and start again. Remember that our goal is not to get through the Bible but to let the Bible get through to us, so taking a slower, less stressful pace is preferred.


Over the last few weeks, I thought about the content of my posts and have decided to change my focus. As you have already experienced, I typically let the text choose the topic by expanding on something found in our Old Testament reading. While I enjoy and benefit from this, I’ve decided to narrow our focus to our gospel readings and I have done this for one very important reason.


We are disciples of Jesus. Disciples learn from their Teacher. In order to learn from our Teacher, we need to be with Him every day to see the way He relates to others, feel the way He cares for us and be challenged by His words again and again. While the Poets and Prophets have good things to share, for the next few months we are going to focus on the One who is greater than David, Solomon and Elijah. I want to better know His voice and follow how He loved and I hope you will join me.


Even though my attention will be on the gospels, I will regularly include links to The Bible Project to help us through our Old Testament readings. These resources will be found on Right Now Media. Let me know if you do not yet have a free Right Now Media account and I’ll send an invitation out to you. As a Covenant member you are included in our subscription and have access to thousands of great resources for adults and children. If you have an account click here for a link to an overview of Ecclesiastes. If you don’t have one, let me know you’d like one or search YouTube for “The Bible Project Ecclesiastes.”


This article is more about getting reoriented than it is about entering into the text. Even so, I couldn’t help but mention one thing from last week’s gospel reading. In the parable of the Sheep and the Goats, the King (who is the Son of Man—Jesus) says to those on his right, “Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world.” Does that not take your breath away? The Father will give you a Kingdom that was prepared for you from the creation of the world! Go ahead and slowly read that last sentence again. What is this kingdom? Why is it here? How do we gain access to it? What forces oppose it? And what kind of love would create the kingdom, hold it in reserve for us and then work and wait for us to be transformed and worthy to inherit it? Yikes! Great questions! Let’s talk about them in the weeks ahead.


Looking forward to learning how to follow our Master together.