Rescued from Ourselves: God's empowering gifts to us

The Christian life is just plain difficult.


It is hard for us to sustain focus on our spiritual lives, hard for us to live lives that please God, hard for us to overcome ourselves and wrestle down the part of us that wants life on our own terms, hard for us to bear up under the difficulties that comes from trying to live for God “out there” in a broken world. 

For men and women worn out from seeking to live the Christian life on our own steam, chapters seven and eight of the Book of Romans come as a wonderful source of comfort and relief.


They remind us that God has not only given us His Son, to rescue us from ourselves, but He has also given us His indwelling Spirit to empower and guide us as Christians, His invincible hope to sustain us as we endure life’s challenges, and His unwavering love to set us free from the accusations that come from the evil one . . . and from ourselves. 

October 23: God's Gift of His Incarnate Son, Romans 7:14-25


October 30: God's Gift of His Indwelling Spirit, Romans 8:1-16


November 6: God's GIft of His Invincible Hope, Romans 8:17-27


November 13: God's Gift of His Unwavering Love, Romans 8:28-39


Note about the artwork: Thank you to sculptor Tom White for allowing us to use his beautiful sculpture Rescued to illustrate this series. Read more about Tom at his website,, and browse his sculpture and jewelry.