Love Your Neighbor in the Longest-Shortest Month of the Year


February is here. And, yes, it is the shortest month of the year, but the longest month of the winter. 

How can we be a neighbor in February? 

  •   We finally had a snow worth noting. I’ve been snow blowing others driveways or the ends of them after the snow plow comes along and blocks them. 
  •   You can visit your neighbors at their door and ask them how they are doing. I discovered a neighbor just had a stint put in.  I’m now his go-to guy for any outdoor needs.
  •   February is a great month for chocolate (I’ve heard). Deliver some to your neighbors.
  •   Ask older neighbors if they need help signing up for their vaccine. It is as simple as calling 211.
  •   Surprise a widow with flowers.
  •   Call a neighbor and just ask how they are doing. Winter was a lonely time in Indiana before Covid – and even more now.
  •    Are you going sledding as a family? Invite the neighbors to meet you there. 
  •   Are you comfortable going to a movie? Invite a neighbor(s) to meet you there - all socially distanced. Zoom a discussion later. 
  •   Are you going for a walk? Join a neighbor on their walk.


All these acts of inclusion and kindness help your neighbors build a sense of community and trust with you. This is the very first step toward hearing each other’s stories and sharing life together. 


We are citizens of heaven living out an earthly mission of love for God and neighbor. Take one step this month, just one. God will guide you into the next one. 


Let me know how it goes.


Tom Johnson