Follow Moses Up the Path to Deeper Intimacy with God


In the book of Exodus we’re told that, after rescuing them from Pharaoh’s clutches and bringing them out of Egypt, God brings His people through the desert to the base of Mount Sinai. There they remain for nearly a year while God teaches them what it means to be His people.

This is where Moses receives the Ten Commandments and other instructions, all of which he passes on to God’s people. But this year-long period of preparation and equipping isn’t just one in which God’s people receive His word, important as that is. This is a time when they encounter God Himself.


At Mount Sinai God reveals His holy and loving character to Moses and His people and invites them to learn how to approach him in worship and adoration. It is not just a time of learning information about God, it is a time of growing in intimacy with God. After all, God made us for relationship with Himself. It is the reason we exist.


The portion of Scripture we’ll be looking at begins with God descending to the top of Mount Sinai and then inviting Moses up to meet him:


“The Lord descended to the top of Mount Sinai and called Moses to the top of the mountain. So Moses went up.” Exodus 19.20


Studying the story of Moses and the Israelites at the mountain as told in Exodus 19 through 34, we’ll be following God’s people into deeper intimacy with God. In each message we’ll explore a different aspect of God’s invitation to draw nearer to Him as well as how He desires us to respond.


Are you ready to grow closer to God? To deepen your worship life? To live with a larger view of God? To grow in intimacy with Him?


This series is about all the wonders, joys, and challenges that come with saying yes to God’s invitation to draw near to Him. Join us as we follow Moses up the path into deeper intimacy with God.


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May 1: God’s Gracious Invitation and Our Response, Exodus 19:1-25, 24:1-2


May 8: God’s Glorious Character and Our Response Part One, Exodus 19:14-19, 20:18-21, 24:10, 33:18 - 34:8


* * *


May 15:  Grief to Joy! The Final Chapter, John 21:1-25

* * *


May 22:  God’s Glorious Character and Our Response Part Two, Exodus 19:14-19, 20:18-21, 24:10, 33:18 - 34:8


May 29: God’s Sacrificial Provision and Our Response, Exodus 24:1-22, 33:6-7a, Hebrews 9:11 - 10:14


June 5: God’s Self-Revelation and Our Response, Exodus 24:1-7


June 12: God’s Inscrutability and Our Response, Exodus 24:12-18


June 19: God’s Continual Presence and Our Response, Exodus 33:7-11, 34:29-35