Wait - can you go over the morning schedule again? This 10:25am start time is confusing.

Sure! Here's the Sunday morning schedule:

9:00am - full Sunday morning service, livestreamed on our website and Facebook. Now open to in-person participants, reservations required. No children's classes.

10:25am - full Sunday morning service, livestreamed on our website and Facebook, and open to in-person participants. Reservations required.

Typically, classes available for toddlers through grade 5. Be sure to check the Events page for the latest information on Next Generation offerings.

Toddlers through PreK meet during the entire service.

Elementary school students will be dismissed before the sermon for their class.

Immediately after the service, junior and senior high students meet in the Chapel to discuss the sermon.

10:45am - We are no longer replaying our 9:00am service.  You can find the 9:00am service our website (scroll down to the Archive button) and Facebook (scroll down until you see the countdown).

I've been exposed to someone with Covid-19 within the past 14 days, but I've been tested and it came back negative. Can I still come?

On the advice of our medical advisory team, we have to ask that you wait the full 14 days after being exposed before coming to the Covenant campus. We recognize this is hard. Please choose to stay home out of love for your Covenant family.

Can we sing behind our masks?

Yes! Please do!

How far apart will the groupings be?

We plan to have 10 feet between each group.

Will we all come in the same door?

Yes. Everyone will enter through Door 2, the main Sanctuary door. If you have mobility issues, you may enter through Door 3, our handicap door.

If so, will there be a line to get in? How will we know how far apart to stand if we are in a line?

There could be a line. And just as in the grocery store, we will have places marked on the ground to space everyone out.

What if I need to go to the bathroom while there?

We will have the set of bathrooms closest to the Sanctuary open (just inside Door 1). We recommend that one person at a time use the restroom. Please use cleaning supplies provided to disinfect before use.