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02/16/2020 Together with All the Saints  - David Henderson

02/09/2020 Grasp God's Love - New Testament, Rob Eyman

02/02/2020 Grasp God's Love - Old Testament, Brently Jordan

01/26/2020 Jesus' Resurrection Allows God to Reside in Us, David Henderson

01/19/2020 Jesus' Death Reconciles Us to God, David Henderson

01/12/2020 Jesus' Life Reveals God, David Henderson

01/05/2020 Vision for Covenant, David Henderson



12/29/2019 Power of God & Our Humility, Brently Jordan

12/22/2019 A Pierced Heart, Brently Jordan

12/15/2019 A Pondering Heart, David Henderson

12/8/2019 Glory Be, Rob Eyman

12/1/2019 May It Be, David Henderson

11/17/2019 Campus Ministry Sunday: Mike Zientara, Glenn Balsis, Maureen Clayton

11/10/2019 We are Light, Brently Jordan

11/3/2019 We are Salt, David Henderson

10/27/2019 We are Ambassadors, Rob Eyman

10/20/2019 God Space, part 1. Guest: Doug Pollock

10/20/2019 God Space, part 2. Guest: Doug Pollock

10/13/2019 We are the Body, Brently Jordan

10/06/2019 We are Family, David Henderson

09/29/2019 We are Saints, Brently Jordan

09/22/2019 We are Saints, David Henderson

09/15/2019 We are the Bride, Rob Eyman

09/08/2019 We are the Priesthood, David Henderson

09/01/2019 We are a Flock of Sheep, David Henderson

08/25/2019 We are Ones Being Saved, David Henderson

08/18/2019 Celebrate God's Work, David Henderson

08/11/2019 Trusting God in the Ups and Downs of Marriage, Brently jordan

08/4/2019 Trusting God With Persistent Sin, Rob Eyman

07/28/2019 Trusting God as a Believer in this Broken World, David Henderson

07/21/2019 Trusting God As You Age, Dr. Bill Brownson

07/14/2019 Trust God With Our Children and Our Parents, David Henderson

07/07/2019 Trust God With Broken Relationships, Brently Jordan

06/30/2019 Trust God When You Feel Overwhelmed, Rob Eyman

06/23/2019 Trust God With Your Spiritual Conversations, David Henderson

06/09/2019 Trust God When You Feel Alone, Brently Jordan

06/02/2019 Trust God in All Things, David Henderson

05/26/2019 Like a Rock: The Last Chapter, Rob Eyman

05/19/2019 Like a Rock: Scoffing Hearers, David Henderson

05/12/2019 Like a Rock: False Teachers, Brently Jordan

05/05/2019 Like a Rock: Growing Followers, David Henderson

04/28/2019 Like a Rock: Humble Yourselves, Rob Eyman

04/21/2019 Easter: Christ Rose Again, David Henderson

04/14/2019 Like a Rock: Share Christ's Suffering, David Henderson

04/07/2019 Like a Rock: Share Your Hope, David Henderson

03/31/2019 Like a Rock: Live as Servants, Brently Jordan

03/24/2019 Like a Rock: Be God's People, David Henderson

03/17/2019 Like a Rock: Grow in Christlikeness, Rob Eyman

03/10/2019 Like a Rock: Be Distinctive, Brently Jordan

03/03/2019 Share Your Faith: Missions Celebration Message, Doru Butas

02/24/2019 Like a Rock: Rejoice in Your New Birth, David Henderson

02/17/2019 Like a Rock: The Gosepl Crosses Every Line, James Foster (Living Truth of Christ Church) and David Henderson

02/10/2019 Like a Rock: Bringing Truth to Bear, David Henderson

02/03/2019 Like a Rock: God-Given Boldness, David Henderson

01/27/2019 Like a Rock: Body & Soul, Brently Jordan

01/20/2019 Like a Rock: Power From on High, Rob Eyman

01/13/2019 Like a Rock: Fellowship of the Called, David Henderson

01/06/2019 God Space Seminar with Doug Pollock

01/06/2019 God Space Seminar with Doug Pollock: video