Thanks to Covid season, we cannot engage at Murdock Elementary School the way we have in the past.

However, we are still actively involved in the Murdock Elementary School community, and look forward to the day when our volunteers can go back to school.



Covenant enjoys a long-term partnership with the Murdock Elementary School community. Here are some of the ways you can be a part of building stronger relationships with Murdock students and, in some cases, their families:

Through Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Sometimes the best place to help a child realize their potential is at school. Kids enjoy having their Bigs meet with them there, whether it’s in the classroom or on the playground. And parents know what a positive impact it makes. This is a weekly, ongoing commitment.

Sign up online: Big Brothers, Big Sisters

We partner with Read to Succeed to help improve student reading skills. This involves reading in a classroom for one hour each week during the school year. Our area schools, including Murdock, are already seeing results; Read to Succeed is a part of improving student achievement.

Sign up online: Read to Succeed

Each fall, Covenant partners with Murdock to provide dinner, games and decorated vehicles where we give away candy and snacks. Many Murdock students have no safe place to trick or treat, so they enjoy having a safe place to celebrate.



Covenant recognizes families are hurting all over the greater Lafayette area. We strive to support individual families and several different organizations working to help these at-risk families.

Foster Care Families

We offer encouragement, training and networking for foster families. All foster parents are invited to Covenant the second Tuesday of each month for a discussion on topics relevant to foster parenting along with time for personal stories and support. Enter through the Green Awning Entrance.

For more information, email Covenant.

With a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) or guardian ad litem (GAL) volunteer dedicated to their case, Lafayette’s most vulnerable children will have someone speaking up for their best interests. With your support, more children will have the opportunity to thrive in a safe and loving home.

Sign up online: Tippecanoe County CASA