In the same way that the presence of a good friend makes for a safer, more enjoyable hike, the discipleship journey is best experienced in community. Jesus never intended for us to walk the path alone, so we look for ways to meet people where they are and help them take their next step of faith.


Sometimes we need a more seasoned traveler to come alongside and give guidance. Other times we might walk along together, simply bringing encouragement and sharing the journey. Either way, Jesus-followers are called to help each other continue the journey toward life transformation in Christ.

Growing as a Spiritual Friend

At Covenant we are committed to training and encouraging everyone in the congregation to live out the Great Commission (making disciples) in the spirit of the Great Commandment (loving God, loving others). Our goal is to help each person understand that they can walk alongside others and help them incorporate their faith more fully into all of life.

We offer periodic training based on how Jesus walked beside His disciples and others. This training is designed to easily be taught in a small group setting, one-on-one or even engaged with alone, although we believe these truths are best explored in community. A great place to start is by going through our four-part study on relational discipleship called The Heart of a Spiritual Friend:

Step 1: The Heart of a Spiritual Friend

Periodically, we offer church-wide training and encouraging events where we share how God is working through our discipling relationships.

Some of the topics we explore include: listening well, developing a holy curiosity about others, learning to identify the obstacles in our own lives and the lives of others that keep us from deepening our walk with the Lord, and bringing life-giving scripture into our conversations.

We also have a library of resources available to help those engaged in relational discipleship.

Interested in becoming a spiritual friend or finding one?

First, pray and consider those who are already in your life. Is there a friend or acquaintance with whom God might be calling you to develop an encouraging spiritual friendship? If so, let the Lord lead you as you investigate these God-given connections.

Questions? Feel Stuck?

Email Rob Eyman or Radonna Fiorini, or call 765-463-7303. We are happy to encourage, equip and walk alongside you in this journey!