Every hiker needs a map, a compass, an understanding of the terrain and training in how to use their equipment. The Foundations Series helps provide the basics we need to walk the disciple’s path. They are offered Sunday mornings during most semesters and will soon be available in a format for group or personal study.

Foundations Series Classes

The Foundations Series is a group of seven, interactive, multi-session classes designed to help us lay and strengthen a firm foundation in Christ. Since we encourage everyone in the Covenant family to experience each class at least once, classes are repeated over time, and are offered most semesters.

Knowing that life-change happens best in the context of Christ-centered relationships, Covenant strongly recommends that everyone experience this series in community by joining us at 9:00am on Sunday mornings or working through it with your grow group.

Each class stands alone and so does not need to be taken in any sequence. These topics flow out of Covenant’s calling to Know Jesus, Grow with His People, and Go to the World. The series topics are:

Knowing Christ Jesus

Knowing God

Knowing Scripture

Grow as a Disciple 1: Following Jesus to a Transformed Life (The Inner Life)

Grow as a Disciple 2: Marks of a Disciple (The Outward Expression)

Grow as the Church

Go to the World

Covenant offers additional classes and Bible studies alongside the Foundations Series on Sunday mornings.


Email Radonna Fiorini, or call 765-463-7303.