Welcome each other as guests.

I Peter 4:9

In faithful response to God’s leading and as faithful stewards of our building, we are making an investment together to follow what we believe God is doing in our midst;
improving and updating our space to create a warm, welcoming and inviting place of connection with Him and one another for this generation and the next.

God is calling us to become a community defined by its love. Creating a more up-to-date and inviting building gives us the opportunity to welcome others into our midst. The recent addition of our deck has created a fresh, bright, and inviting setting for us to enjoy one another and welcome many newcomers.


At Covenant we’ve been good stewards of the facilities and finances that have been entrusted to us, maintaining and making good use of a dated building rather than building an expensive new one. Our last improvement project was nearly twenty years ago, when we redid the entry area and the Gathering Place to make them more up-to-date and welcoming. Time has passed, and our building has aged.


We believe it’s time to tackle the next project together, one that will extend our ability to effectively minister in the directions we believe God is leading us to go and grow as a church. The following projects are a way of carrying the energy and excitement of our new deck inside.


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Worship is the heartbeat of our church and our Sanctuary is a primary place of welcome to the community.


However, the worship platform is cluttered, and the Sanctuary is dim and dated.


We believe it is time to brighten our worship area and simplify the platform so our worship space is warm, welcoming and invites deeper engagement.

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  • covenant-church-01.2-no-phones_l_1200x600.jpg

As He calls us to become a church known more and more for its love, God is inviting us to go deeper with Him (know Jesus), deeper together (grow with His people), deeper in our engagement with the world (go to the world).


We invite you, the Covenant family, to invest in improving and updating our building to participate in what God is doing among us.


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