Summer Reading List

Racial Reconciliation - A Summer Reading List from Pastor David


Earlier this summer, Pastor James Foster sought to help us understanding the pain and anguish that lies behind the anger we saw in some of the recent protests. In his message he suggested several books that he thought might help us better understand the often painful experience of Blacks in the United States.


The following Sunday I encouraged us, as a way of growing in compassion, to put ourselves this summer in a posture of humble listening and learning. Below, you will find a list of books I've been gathering and reading over the years.


I'm asking our whole staff to pick one, read it this summer, and be ready to come back in September and share with us something they learned. I wonder if you would join us as we seek to grow together in understanding this complex and painful area of racial justice by reading one of these books, and continuing to learn together what it means to be a church known more for its love than for anything else.


The Lord bless your listening and learning.


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P.S. - Not all of these books present positions we'll completely agree with. That's not the point. The point is to grow in compassion and understanding, not to read a book we agree with to reinforce a position we already have. That's where the humility part comes in. Also, some of these books are very raw and challenging. Do your homework and know what you're getting into before you jump in.


You can download a .pdf here. Or, browse David's list on your phone or device using the snapshots below.