Pastor Confuses Chick-fil-A with Church

by AJ Leichty

LAFAYETTE— Senior Pastor David Henderson of Covenant Church in West Lafayette walked into the Lafayette Chick-Fil-A on Monday afternoon after confusing it with his church.

The delicious smell of chicken met him as he walked through the door. “The smell threw me off a bit, but I figured it was because of the carry-In dinner scheduled,” he said.


Not only was Henderson confused about where he was, he had also forgotten the date.

“I thought it was Sunday morning, so I had prepared a sermon,” he said. “I saw Anna Leichty, Caleb Henson, and Jacob Sanson there, so I thought I was in the right place. However, about 200 people were missing, and that’s when I started to realize where I was.”

What really tipped him off was all of the polite employees in the same uniform.

“I had never seen so many people wearing the same thing on a Sunday morning before, and that’s when I figured out I was not at church.”

Unperturbed, Henderson decided he would still give his 10-point sermon on creation vs. evolution. The entire store was silent listening as Henderson answered the most pressing questions: did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons? And which came first, the chicken or the egg?

After his 50-minute sermon, two people came to Christ. They were baptized in Chick-fil-A sauce and given large, well-done fries as a welcoming gift into the Christian family.

“I consider my mistake as a gift from God. Now only if I could have found some interesting geological specimens,” Henderson ended.