Note from Leadership Discovery Team

The Leadership Discovery Team (LDT) needs your prayers and help as we discern Covenant members God is calling into elder, deacon, and trustee roles.

Covenant Church seeks to place persons of strong faith, dedicated discipleship and lives marked by their love for Jesus Christ, into positions of leadership.

Elders are responsible for the spiritual health of the Covenant family. These individuals must have a shepherd’s heart, pouring themselves out to see the Covenant family progress in its faith

and in its works of service. They seek the advancement of the Kingdom both in the church and in the world as we know Jesus, grow with His people, and go to the world. This requires Godly individuals whose primary gifts and experiences fall in the category of strategic thinking (people who can see the big picture as well as the trees). Additionally these individuals are experienced leaders, setting direction and assessing the effectiveness of an organization’s efforts. These are not leadership development opportunities. These servants will lead only as effectively as they are led by the Father, Son, and Spirit in a vibrant and growing relationship with the Trinity.

Deacons coordinate and oversee Covenant’s Care Ministries, whose focus is to serve the most vulnerable in our congregation. These individuals have a deep and growing commitment to Jesus Christ, a proven record of creating and building or improving ministries/organizations, as well as strong interpersonal skills and compassion for the vulnerable.

Trustees are the chief stewards of the church and provide leadership for critical, on-going aspects of the church in three primary areas:  facilities, finances, and personnel. The Trustees are responsible to Session and the congregation for the proper oversight of financial matters, personnel policies, facility safety and maintenance. As with Elders and Deacons, Trustees lead only as effectively as they are led by the Father, Son and Spirit in a vibrant and growing relationship.

You can support the discernment process by suggesting Covenant members you believe have the gifts, talents, experience, and spiritual maturity to serve in these leadership roles and by praying for this process. If you have any recommendations for individuals to fill these roles, please contact Harlan Day or the other team members by Sunday, September 9.  Please pray along with us, trusting God to lead us to those individuals He is calling into these important roles!

In Christ,
The Leadership Discovery Team
        Dulcy Abraham       
        Sarah Bollock                  
        Harlan Day (Leader)
        Linda Gudeman      
        Michael Maule        
        Andrew Patton        
        Tom Rice