Celebrating & Recruiting High School Leaders

We celebrate an amazing team of adult volunteer leaders who have spent the last year building relationships with our Covenant teens. We need more adults to commit to serve with our teens. This can involve being a Sunday night small group leader, discipling a teen one-on-one, helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus, and even just living life with them.


Our current leaders have been deeply impacted by this work, as well as having deeply impacted our teens. Here are some of their reflections:


What I love about serving in high school is helping our young adults wrestle through issues they're thinking about for the first time. I gave my life to Christ in high school and love being there for our students in this transformative time of their lives.

Three Truths & a Lie - can you guess it?

  • I played for the Israel National Lacrosse team.

  • I won an international robotics competition in China.

  • I was an All-American in two sports.

  • I drank two gallons of milk in under an hour.


I really enjoy being a part of youth ministry and connecting with students. It’s a critical time in their lives as they are finding their way and making their faith their own. Hopefully I can help point them towards Christ in their journey.

Three Truths & a Lie - can you guess it?

  • I met my wife in Albania.

  • I spent a summer in Mongolia.

  • I grew up in Los Angeles.

  • I have lived in four states.

Staci Lee

I love coming alongside these kids, being able to live life with them and see how God becomes real and known.  The games and laughs are pretty good too!

Three Truths & a Lie - can you guess it?

  • I won the Chubby Bunny Marshmallow Contest (16 jumbo).

  • I sang a solo in front of 60,000 people.

  • I have been skydiving once.

  • I grew up on a farm.


High school ministry is great because students ask great questions, are learning who they want to be, and have fun doing so. It is a joy to walk with them and point them to Jesus.



I love working with youth because they force me out of my comfort zone, and they have a deeply intuitive sense of the gospel.

Three Truths & a Lie - can you guess it?

  • I believe in aliens.

  • I believe in Jesus.

  • I am a competitive water-skier.

  • I drive 18-wheelers.



Three Truths & a Lie - can you guess it?

  • I got engaged at the beach at sunrise.

  • I have three children.

  • I’ve never worked using my degree.

  • I’ve been married for eleven years.

Do you sense God is calling you to be a part of this ministry? Contact me to talk about the possibilities!

Jenn Sanson

Senior High Director

Here are two small groups without a leader. Could you step in?