Here Comes the Sun - Watch Out for the Rain

As we ease out of the pandemic, we may be unconsciously holding onto habits we developed during that time.


We developed these habits out of caution – and now we need to examine our thoughts and habits to see which need to be gently challenged as we emerge from “hibernation.”


Our social muscles may have atrophied. Our circles may have shrunk.


What first step can you take to expand your circle? Or gently exercise any atrophied social muscles?


You could:

Notice your neighbors.

Ask how they are.

Listen to their Covid experiences.

Have a conversation by the mailbox.


What could a deeper step look like?

Host a beverage and/or dessert in your driveway or backyard with one or two couples or singles who live near you.

Find a way to serve each other. Do yard work in each other’s yard. Clean out your cars or your gutters. 

Listen to the Indianapolis 500 together. (It used to be a thing.)

Go out for coffee, etc.

Take a walk together.

Plant flowers together.


Broader and bolder, anyone?

  • Host a backyard cookout for your neighbors.
  • Ask people to sign up to bring something (dessert, salad, vegetable, drinks, you get the idea, right?)              
  • Invite some of your friends to join you. Tell them they have one job;  get to know other people. Practice curiosity. If you’re so bold, have them bring a friend along.
  • Host a driveway or front yard dessert party for more than four other people.  Like above, ask people to bring items.
  • Have a couple over for dinner.  Do it outside (or inside if you wish). The goal is to get to know them by practicing curiosity and sharing stories.


-Tom Johnson, pastor for congregational care and community outreach


Please note: if you find yourself anxious or afraid, please consider talking with a professional, licensed counselor. We can recommend some good ones – contact the church office for recommendations.