David Henderson's Renewal Leave

Montgomery, Wales, where

George Herbert was born in 1593.

I'm thrilled to let you all know I've been named a 2018 recipient of the Lilly Pastoral Renewal Grant!


I'll be taking a renewal leave from May 28 to August 13.


During my leave I'll be returning to Cambridge (where I lived and studied 30 years ago) to study and write on the poetry of George Herbert (of course).

The grant also makes it possible for me to take flying lessons from an instructor friend in North Carolina, and to spend some time in Ireland with Sharon, as well as just to hang out and rest.

On Sunday, May 27, the church will pray for us and send us off on our time. While I'm away the other pastoral staff will step in and share my regular pastoral duties.

I look forward to sharing my summer adventures and hearing all about yours when I get back! Might have a thing of two to share about George too . . .