Construction Update

Thanks to the Lord’s blessing through your generous giving, we are on the verge of beginning the Sanctuary and Chapel remodel!


Beginning on Monday, January 24, through late February the Sanctuary and the Chapel will become an active construction zone. Since we will continue using this space for worship this has several implications for us.

  • First, those joining us in person should dress down Sunday mornings. Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little dusty starting Sunday, January 30.
  • Second, the Chapel will remain as a dedicated area for those most comfortable being in a mask-only space.
  • Third, beginning Sunday, January 23, we will need volunteers who will stick around for a few minutes after the second service to clear the chairs so that this area is ready for construction.
  • And finally, every Friday afternoon at 3:30 we need volunteers who will come in to clean up and prepare this area for worship. Volunteer to help here:

The Sanctuary and Chapel remodel is only one part of Covenant Next. Because 70% of the $1.85 million cost of this entire project has already been promised by faith, the trustees have agreed to move forward with the new receptionist and coffee bar area as well. That could begin as early as the end of February.


While we make our plans, we know that there are many other factors outside of our control that can change those plans. This next season of construction will be a wonderful opportunity for all of us to practice our Lord’s grace and patience with each other. Thank you, Covenant family, for living out who you already are in Christ.


Participate in Covenant Next

While we are getting close to funding the entire project, we are not there yet and so we encourage every person in the Covenant family to take part in some way. If you are able to participate financially please know that every financial gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. At the same time we know that some in our congregation are in a season where money for an offering like this is just not available. That is why we are asking everyone to participate in some way. Here are some ideas:


  • Volunteer to clean up from construction or tear down from worship. Your help saves Covenant $10,000. That’s a pretty good way to give.
  • Pray for the construction crews and for the Lord to bless their work and the use of these new spaces.
  • Plan to give and submit a Faith Commitment card by February 28. We are praying for the Lord to meet the full need so that the Children’s Ministry can receive the full upgrade it needs as we prepare ourselves to provide a welcome to all in the next season of ministry.

No matter what or how you give, let Paul’s words from 2 Corinthians 9:7 guide you. “Each person should give what they decided in their heart to give. Not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor 9:7). Don’t be pressured in this. Choose what you will give, then give that with joy!