Conquer Series: A Battle Plan against Pornography

A message from Pastor Rob Eyman to the men of Covenant:

Dear Brothers in Jesus:

Soft and hardcore pornography is so tightly woven throughout our cultural fabric that, rather than having to look for it, men now need to defend against it. Hop on the internet, watch a movie or even walk in the mall and in short time you will be exposed to sexually explicit material that is designed to capture your attention and increase your interest. If you are not currently swayed by porn’s influence, then you likely know someone who is.

Among the long list of negative impacts associated with pornography, I believe its widespread use is one of the key barriers to one’s growth in Christ. For this and many other reasons, Covenant will soon host the Conquer Series. This six week DVD study led by Ted Roberts gives men what they need to understand the power of porn, learn how to help a friend be free from porn, equip a child to resist porn or find freedom from it for themselves.

This curriculum is for every man and not just for men who struggle with this addiction. My heart’s desire is that we would truthfully address this blight and that we would do so with grace, humility and determination. No matter who you are or what your reason for coming, we hope all men will prayerfully consider attending this six week experience to learn how you can encourage others, or even yourself, to find freedom. We are in this together.

•  When and where does it meet? The Conquer Series will be offered every Monday night, 7:00 to 9:00PM, from January 22 through February 26.
•  Do I need to register ahead of time? Registration is encouraged but not required. Those who register for this class by January 14 will receive a series workbook when they arrive. We will order other workbooks after the deadline for anyone who wants to participate. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, registration information will only be known by class leaders and an administrative assistant. You will not have to indicate your motivation for registering. Click here to visit the registration page.
•  How much will it cost? The cost for the workbook is $15.
•  Can I do this on my own? Well, yes, that would be possible but not recommended. The relationships built and the conversations shared are a necessary part of this experience. For this reason we encourage participation in the evening meetings.
•  How young is too young? We believe that senior high students and older will likely find benefit from this experience. If needed, we will offer a Q and A session on Sunday, January 14, 7:00pm for any parent that wants to talk about it. Let me know if you can’t attend that night and I’ll set up another way to address your questions.
•  Where can I find more information? Click here for the Conquer Series website.

Please keep the leaders, the participants and this opportunity in your prayers. May the Lord use it to equip us to help others, and even ourselves, to find freedom in Christ.

Walking with you in our journey of faith,