World Welcome

First, every Sunday morning at 10:45 in Gathering Place 1, we open our hearts and open our arms to the world at our doorstep by providing a fellowship gathering for internationals. This is an opportunity for students and scholars from around the world to meet with members of the church, open the Christian Scriptures, hear the Christian message, and be invited into deeper involvement in the life of the church. Alice Wang Searle provides leadership in this area, and there are many ways to get involved.

Second, we promote international hospitality. There are many opportunities to open our homes for men and women who are away from their home countries. International Hospitality helps connect members of the congregation with opportunities to befriend and come alongside some of our world neighbors. Harlan and Heather Day work with a team to lead this ministry effort ( ).

International Friendship Program

International friendship program

Covenant partners with Purdue to find hosts (individuals, couples, or families) for new international students. You will be asked to meet with them about once a month over the period of one semester. Students from Colombia will arrive in June, and many more students from countries around the world will arrive in August. There are also opportunities for hosting students or scholars from India or Africa for a one-time dinner during the summer. For more information please send an email to or check out Purdue's website here. A one-hour orientation session is required for all first-time hosts.

If you are looking for Pleasant Streams, you have been redirected to Covenant Church's World Welcome, an outreach to international students at Purdue. After four years of fruitful ministry, Pleasant Streams has come to an end in its present form and has now been incorporated into Covenant's World Welcome.