Identity and Calling


Identity and Calling

His People. His Kingdom. His Glory.

Our Identity - Answering the question, “Who are we, and why do we exist?”

His people: Jesus stands at the center of our church and defines us. We recognize and celebrate Him as King and Lord. Through His sacrificial death He purchased our lives and reconciled us to God. We belong to Him. We are His.

His Kingdom and His Glory: As His people we are concerned above all with His work and His reputation in this world.

We are His people who exist for His kingdom and His Glory.


Know Jesus. Grow with His People. Go to the World.

Our Calling – Answering the question, “What do we do?”

Know: Our relationship with God starts with a step of faith. We recognize who Jesus is and entrust our lives to Him.

Grow: We grow as God’s people when together we worship, pray, study scripture, serve one another, and share life.

Go: Jesus sends us to the world. We are called to show love of Jesus through acts of compassion and to speak of His love through evangelism both here and around the globe.