Opportunity for Hospitality to Chinese Students

Faith International Student Ministry(Faith Church), Salt and Light Ministry (Kossuth Baptist), Pleasant Streams Ministry (Covenant Church) and the Greater Lafayette Chinese Alliance Church have received a great blessing this summer. PUCSSA (Purdue University Chinese Student and Scholars Association) has asked us to jointly administer their Temporary Housing program for newly arriving students who need short-term housing. This arrangement will allow us amazing opportunities to connect with incoming Internationals. Contact Cathy McKinnis cmckinnis@covenantepc.org at 463-4263 or 491-7248 with questions or interest.

Many International Students arrive at Purdue before their living units are ready for them to occupy. We help these students by providing a place for them to stay for 1-10 days in early August until their living unit is ready. When volunteering to provide temporary housing to an incoming student, you are agreeing to provide a place for them to sleep (couches are OK!), breakfast each morning, rides back and forth to campus each day, and help moving their luggage to their living unit when it is ready.

SHORT TERM GOALS – Our short term goal is to make these International Students feel as safe, comfortable and welcome as possible and let them see the love of Christ first hand.

LONG TERM GOALS – Build relationships that that will last past the time they move out of your homes. We have many instances where people who have provided temporary housing to a newly arriving student remain friends throughout the Student's time here at Purdue. We also have many instances where people who have provided temporary housing to students have shared the Gospel with their students and seen some of their students come to Christ.

HOW DOES THE PROGRAM WORK? Before Your Student Arrives at Purdue:
1. Once you have made a decision to help provide temporary housing, contact Cathy McKinnis at cmckinnis@covenantepc.org. You will then receive your student’s contact information.
2. Once you receive your Student’s contact information, we ask that you contact your student by email within 48 hours, introduce yourself, and exchange some initial information about yourself: Your name, information about your family, what you do for a living, etc. Attach a couple of pictures of you or your family – the more information you share, the more comfortable your student will feel. Incoming students typically arrive at Purdue in the late afternoon and throughout the evening due to the time difference between the US and China. They will arrive on a shuttle from Chicago O’Hare Airport. If your student has your phone number, they can call you from the shuttle when they are about an hour outside of West Lafayette.

After your student arrives:
1. Pickup your student at the pre-decided shuttle stop or, if you don’t have a car, let us know and we will pickup your student and bring them to your home/apartment.
2. Have breakfast for them each morning. Most Asians do not like really sweet things like donuts or pastries. Toast, cereal, fresh fruit, and soy milk are typically good. After breakfast, take them to campus and drop them off in the morning and then come back and pick them up in the afternoon at a pre-arranged time. Most of the newly arriving students will have appointments on campus all day for the first few days of their arrival. If they do not have appointments, they still typically like to go to campus and walk around all day so they can get a good feel for the campus. Do not feel like you are “dumping them off”.
3. In the evenings, have dinner with them at home, take them out for pizza, or whatever you want to do. You DO NOT have to change your schedule for the student. They will be very interested in seeing what you do normally every day. It is totally appropriate to ask your student if they would like to visit church or any church activity that is coming up.
4. If you have time, you may offer them help in: getting a cell phone, setting up a bank account, using the wireless router in your home, etc. Look at their needs as opportunities to serve them.
5. Drop them off at their new apartment or living unit when the day comes that they can move in. If you need help getting them to their new apartment or living unit, contact us.
6. If you have time, when they are ready to move into their new apartment or living unit, offer to take them to Wal-Mart or Target to get their initial groceries and needed items.
7. Ask your student if they would like for you to become their Host Family and stay in contact on a continued basis. Once your student moves out:

After your student has moved out, contact them once a week for the first month to see how they are doing, see if they need to go to Wal-Mart, Payless, or the Asian Market. Continue to invite them over to your house for lunch or dinner, and keep INVITING THEM TO SUNDAY SERVICES and PLEASANT STREAMS MINISTRY activities.

Covenant Church has agreed to find housing for 17 incoming Chinese students. We have been given names and emails addresses for these students. The actual dates that students need housing varies from person to person. Won't you consider this unique opportunity to serve by opening your house as a "Bed and Breakfast" to one or more Chinese Students? Any questions, contact Cathy McKinnis cmckinnis@covenantepc.org at 463-4263 or 491-7248.

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